International distribution

EcoLife® is distributed across the world via our agents based in Europe, America and North Africa.


followed by EcoLife® by Belda Lloréns

Resources used in Belda Lloréns

during the manufacturing process at the production complex.


Solar power

Belda Lloréns photovoltaic panels produce electricity from renewable sources.


Water usage

Eco-friendly EcoLife® yarn uses no water during the manufacturing process at Belda Lloréns.


Chemical products

EcoLife@ is produced with no chemical additives that affect the environment.


CO2 emissions

The manufacturing process in Belda Lloréns produces zero CO2 emissions into the environment.

Climate footprint for the planet

Saving on resources for every kilo of EcoLife® yarn produced.


Saving on crops

2.48 m2 of farmed land is left unoccupied for every kilo of yarn produced.


Saving on water

3,485 litres of water are saved for every kilo produced.


Saving on electricity

6.77 kWh of electricity supply is saved for every kilo produced.


Reduction in CO2

1.62 kilos of CO2 are prevented from being released into the atmosphere for every kilo produced.

Oeko-Tex for harmful substances

Oeko-Tex for harmful substances®

Global Recycled Standard

Global Recycled Standard®

Remo 60%

Remo Recycled®

MicroModal Lenzing

MicroModal Lenzing®

Viscose Lenzing

Viscose Lenzing®

Climate Footprint




Brand support

for Ecolife® management

Support materials

Belda Lloréns offers you supports materials for signage, advertising, information, labelling, certification, etc. for all products using EcoLife® yarn.

Use of the EcoLife® image

If you use EcoLife® yarn, Belda Lloréns will provide you with the graphic material you need to promote your products in advertising, the press and the media.

Garment labelling

If you have the EcoLife® certificate for your products, Belda Lloréns will supply you with labels to identify the garments you make with EcoLife® yarn.

Promotional material

Belda Llorens can provide you with material for use at information points and trade fairs. This makes it easier for you to tell your customers about the benefits of using EcoLife®.



Belda Lloréns is growing

At present, Belda Lloréns yarn factories occupy an area of more than 65,000 m2 in industrial plants grouped into specially equipped spaces.

Constant investment in technology

Belda Lloréns earmarks an average of ten per cent of its turnover for investing in new technology, enabling to have a greater competitive edge and an immediate response to market demand.

Belda Lloréns production complex.

The best machinery for the best product

Most of the investment made over the last few years has been in manufacturing equipment to guarantee maximum quality in technically high value yarns.

At the forefront of distribution

We are the leading company in Europe in stock service by quantity, both in terms of number of qualities and in fashion colours, with 509 references ready to serve.

Company mission

These are our commitments:


Optimal service in innovative yarns, colour, quality and fashion.


Sustainable income and backing a renowned project.


We offer the right atmosphere for team work.


We work closely with every single one.


Local, social and environmental development.

We work with major brands


national and international



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Contact us

    OFFICE: Pintor Segrelles 3
    03450 Banyeres de Mariola (Alicante)
    +34 966 568 010
    +34 966 567 477

    FACTORY: Partida Camp de l’Or s/n
    03450 Banyeres de Mariola (Alicante)
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GPS coordinates

OFFICE: Pintor Segrelles, 3 • 03450-Banyeres de Mariola • Alicante (SPAIN)

FACTORY: Partida Camp de l'Or s/n • 03450-Banyeres de Mariola • Alicante (SPAIN)

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